Jonas Buddrus, Founder

Jonas heart beats for creating meaningful experiences that activate, calm and stimulate people at the same time. He believes in the magic when multidisciplinary designers get together to develop new ideas and solutions while challenging the status quo. Jonas lives constant change that brings him out of his comfort zone in order to gain new perspectives and insights.


Andreas Möllmann, Partner

Andreas is a seasoned brand strategist who works at the intersection of business and marketing, creativity and technology. Over the last 25 years, he worked in, set up, and managed strategic planning departments at top-drawer network agencies and digital agencies around the globe. He has a closet of awards for effectiveness and creativity somewhere. At TOP OF THE LAKE, Andreas identifies business challenges and develops innovative solutions. 


Natalia Hoffmann, Strategist

As a social and cognitive scientist, Natalia writes up cultural analyses for international periodicals in her spare time. Before coming to Hamburg to hone her strategic abilities, she worked and studied all over Europe. Natalia brings to TOP OF THE LAKE a wealth of cultural and methodological insights into human nature and experience design. 


Christine van Meegen, Designer

Christine has been part of TOP OF THE LAKE since its inception. She grew up living in a greenhouse, on power stations and in a boarding school in Hamburg. These experiences shaped her unique relationship to space and environment at large. As a classically trained dancer and an interior designer with a master’s degree in Social Design, Christine’s calling is to work with people at temporary locations. Chrisitne grew a strong interest in re-using city space in a way that inspires citizens to negotiate their needs and possibilities. 


Sebastian Kubersky, Artist

Sebastian specializes in concepting, painting, and installation. As an artist, Sebastian focuses on fostering new modes of cooperation between the creative industry, the art world, and art lovers. Together with his partner Christine van Meegen, Sebastian runs Studio C.A.R.E. (Catastrophe, Analysis, Relation, Environment), which offers Curated Catastrophes for homes - a mix of radical interior design, art intervention and happening.


Stephan Heering, Art Director

Stephan is a Freelance Art Director and Graphic Design Consultant based in Berlin. He is working for national and international clients in the fashion, art and book publishing world. He is passionate about finding ways to visualize CHANGE and the de/re construct process that is essential to TOP OF THE LAKE.


Saskia Winter, Change Facilitator

As a brand sociologist, psychologist and art historian, Saskia is passionate about holistic perspectives – even when it comes to the potential for change in brands and companies. For 15 years, she has been developing communication concepts, brand innovations and mission statements; for DAX companies, for start-ups. At TOP OF THE LAKE, she moderates workshops that inspire powerful visions, and forge new paths of action.


Bert Martin Ohnemüller, Inspirator

Bert's mission is the Decade of Humanity, which places entirely new requirements and perpectives on leadership, teams and company success. In his work, he combines the findings of brain research, evolutionary biology and positive psychology with more than 30 years of experience in brand and commerce. 


Julia Rommel, Business Development

As a cultural manager with roots in journalism, Julia looks back on many years of experience in PR and project management for renowned cultural institutions, business enterprises and agencies. She advises companies, institutions and individuals beyond traditional PR. Her customers have one thing in common: the love of sustainability at the interface with art and thus with topics that move people. TOP OF THE LAKE is now the ideal fusion.