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Change can best occur when people are actively involved in it. In this workshop, participants become co-creators – of a joint mission, of new solutions and innovations.

The workshop design: pragmatic, progressive. The combination of creative techniques, business coaching and Lego Serious Play empowers participants to leave comfort zones and remove blinkers. The TOP OF THE LAKE interior design, activating all the senses, helps them to put challenges and resources into new contexts - and to create meaningful changes.


deconstruct: ethics Game

deconstruct: ethics has been exclusively designed for TOP OF THE LAKE. The game challenges the players’ perspectives on established assumptions about morality and on decision-making processes. What is the good? What do ethical actions signify? How do values and peaceful coexistence emerge? And how can you apply these things to model business awareness? Playing deconstruct: ethics in a group encourages thoughtful confrontation, argumentation, and decision-making. The game is riveting, involves the demolition of objects, and became a hit in Hamburg overnight.