Our offers

Selling ideas is not just about having a great idea. It also requires a confident and persuasive presentation, the right chemistry, a professional credibility – and of course a suitable location for the pitch. 


We supported everyone, who is seeking change. Tailormade workshops were engaging and fun, and had supported new thinking and exploring new solutions together.

Identity Workshop

Topic: Who am I - as a brand, company, employer? What do I believe in, what do I fight for? Which values are important to me and how do I incorporate them? How can I gain the trust and respect from my clients and my team? 

Content: visual stimuli, developing a mission and principles with the golden circle, discovering value with limbic map, LEGO Serious Play. 

Result: A motivating mission statement that will support you in your communication, in your day to day work with clients and team members.

Positioning Workshop

Topic: Which role do I want to play (what value do I want to provide) - as a company, brand, product - in my target groups' lives? What makes me remarkable? And how do I communicate that?

Content: Profiling competition and portfolio, costumer and trend insights, customer- und trend insights, moodboards, 3-D positioning model

Result: Definition of a clear, reliable brand image, including core message and look & feel 

Innovation Workshop

Topic: How do we create something meaningful for people in this overcrowded marketplace? Do we want to get wild, think free and bold, and develop prototypes that are actually reflecting the needs and wants of our customers? 

Content: target group profiling, customer journey, creative techniques, prototyping with design thinking or design sprint

Result: Innovative products and services that will actually improve the life of our target group

Target Group Workshop

Topic: Who are the people that we try so relentlessly to reach with our offers? How do they live, feel and act in this world? What do they really care about?

Content: customer interviews & videos, role playing, living environment collages, „A day in a life of …“

Result: Precise personas that are making it easier for us to focus on the wants and needs that actually exist.

Get out-of-the-box! Method Workshop

Topic: How can we deal in a radically different manner with our challenges ahead? How can we invest our resources into new, remarkable products that matter, instead of focusing on boring products that already exist? How can we embrace change and encourage failing as an essential part of the process? 

Content: LEGO Serious Play, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, de/re construct techniques, team building

Result: motivation and methods for out-of-the-box- thinking, effective ways of collaboration and unconventional solutions